Black Walnut Charcuterie Serving Board, Cheese Board

Black Walnut Charcuterie Serving Board, Cheese Board
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Big Black Walnut Charcuterie Serving Board , Cheese Board, Cutting Board

This is a one of a kind walnut wood, charcuterie, cheese board, serving and cutting board. (Spoon and knives are not included.)
Made out of a single piece of black walnut wood. 

Hand rubbed with 100% natural, food safe walnut oil, beeswax and plant extracted carnauba wax mix. 
Sanded and dipped in water, dried to raise the tiny fiber lines and sand it again. Repeated this 5 times, using a finer and finer sandpaper to achieve a perfectly smooth surface. This is a time and labor-consuming job but the reward is when you wash this board's surface it will stay smooth. 

It is not just decorative but a functional piece for any kitchen table or counter. 

Note: if you serve hot food or hot meat it may darken the wood. 

Scratches and cuts will build up a patina so use it as often as possible. Hand wash and towel dry.
 For maintenance we recommend our GARNY wood wax and conditioner. 

Approximate measurements: 20” long, 12" wide, 7/8" thick. 

Made in U.S.A.