GARNY - Black Walnut Serving Spoon -Medium

GARNY - Black Walnut Serving Spoon -Medium
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This elegant serving spoon is hand carved from solid black walnut. The contoured handle fits perfectly in your hand.
The bowl is 2.5" wide and 3" long. In our kitchen this is our favorite for serving rice or small pasta.

Hand rubbed with 100% natural, food safe walnut oil, beeswax and plant extracted carnauba wax mix. 
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Sanded and dipped in water, dried to raise the tiny fiber lines and sand it again. Repeated this 5 times, using a finer and finer sandpaper to achieve a perfectly smooth surface. This is a time and labor-consuming job but the reward is when you wash this ladle it will stay smooth. 

It is not just decorative but a functional piece for any kitchen table or counter. 
Makes a very nice gift for wedding, birthday or anniversary or for a food aficionado.

Hand wash, towel dry. By time and usage will change color but can be restored by wood wax.

Approximate size: 11" L

Hand Made in the U.S.A.