T2 Brown Chrome with Blue Mirror Lenses

T2 Brown Chrome with Blue Mirror Lenses

Product Details

These soft leather padded goggles fit over prescription frames up to:
 Height 1 5/8" x Width 5.5" (Height 40mm x Width 140mm)
Flexible, ventilated rubber frame with chrome finished metal rim. 
Changeable, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV protection. 
The adjustable headband has non-slip silicon lines so the goggles will not slide off of your helmet. 
Microfiber sack is included, which functions as a cleaning cloth as well. 
Blue Mirror lenses are for sunny days, daytime use. 
Perfect fit for any 3/4 or half shell helmet.  

Vintage aviator, Retro Pilot Goggles.
Made in France